Setting up your song for streaming success

Pop Music Producer & Songwriter in Manchester, UK

🎵 My genres: dance pop, house, disco, trap pop, acoustic pop

🎻 I studied cello, composition & piano at Trinity College of Music, and went on to get a fellowship diploma in music theory from the National College of Music. I started my music career playing the cello in London orchestras, became the Staff Arranger for the orchestra at Buckingham Palace, and won prizes for my compositions.

🪩 Comfortable with my successful classical career, I started looking for a new musical challenge. I began collecting grade 8 certificates (I have 6 now) and after getting a distinction in music production from Rockschool, I was hooked. It has been my all-consuming passion ever since. I've even written a book about it.

🎼 My background in music theory, composition & performance gives me a big competitive edge over other producers. I’m not just a beat maker - I have a thorough understanding of harmony, structure and the technical aspects of music, and I can craft the catchiest of melodies. I will make sure your song is structurally sound and do everything I can to get people playing it on repeat.

I love to see my tracks succeed, so I'm happy to help with promotion too, whether that's submitting it to playlists, radio stations, or making promotional content. If you're looking for a pop music producer, look no further and get in touch.